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Kiyo Yoshino

After graduating from Osaka University of Arts in 1997, went to Italy to study goldsmiths. 2001 Completed the metal engraving department of Florence Municipal Professional School. Deepen the technique of Western carving for the Western carving maestro.
In 2002, she launched her own brand "Unikus", and in 2005 she established an atelier and shop "LE.DUE" in Florence.
Since 2004, she has opened an Italian exhibition held at Umeda Hankyu Department Store every year.
Since 2008, she has opened stores at Mitsukoshi Italian fairs such as Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store, Nagoya, and Fukuoka.

She is developing designs in various series with nature as a motif. It features a youthful and modern atmosphere while preserving the traditional Florentine metal engraving style.
All manual work as well as graceful and delicate work.

Atelier & Shop

Via Ghibellina 72r 50122 Firenze ITALIA
Tel/Fax +39 055 2480040

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